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To provide seamless medical transcription services, DigitScribe allows physicians the option of telephone dictation using a touch-tone telephone (like cell phones) by simply calling on a toll free telephone number. Hence, physicians can instantly dictate the information and get the completed transcripts from us in a short period of time. This keeps the medical history of patients up-to-date and ensures proper compliance with the relevant acts related to personal health information such as Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

Our highly experienced and qualified team of transcriptionists is proficient in handling different types of transcripts such as diagnoses, treatments, and follow-up notes. Once a client has provided us the dictation by calling on our toll free number, the recording is quickly passed onto one of our transcriptionists to ensure timely delivery. All the data passing through our systems is secured through a 128-bit encryption to protect the personal health information. Apart from calling our toll free number for transcription, clients could also upload the audio files in a batch (created through a digital handheld recorder) by logging onto their account.

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