Why DigitScribe?

Our goal is to provide a complete solution to a physician’s practice with a combination of quality and scalable technology. Our performance is further strengthened by our recognition that your patient data is one of the most valuable assets you possess and we treat it as such.
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DigitScribe is a leading national provider of medical transcription services. We have been in business for 12 years and are located in Mississauga, Ontario and Farmington Hills, Michigan.

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Turnaround Time

DigitScribe has round-the-clock operations and the turnaround time (TAT) is always discussed before taking up any assignment. Generally, DigitScribe offers a 24 hour turnaround time. To ensure we meet our TAT, a Team Leader is assigned to monitor the workflow from their assigned clients and manage their transcription team. Our Operations Coordinator monitors the turnaround times and assists with customer service issues. Each client’s account is staffed to accommodate contractual turnaround requirements.

State-of-the-art internet-based technology allows our transcriptionists to access real-time client specific information. The technology also allows flexibility in scheduling of transcriptionists, enabling our Team Leaders to manage turnaround times and quality standards, regardless of staffing interruptions.

Transcription work is distributed based on the transcriptionist’s work pool. The work pools are assigned according to the transcriptionist’s skill level, work schedule, and turnaround time. To promote quality and productivity, our transcriptionists are assigned to a limited number of accounts and work types.

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Quality Control

Quality is a way of life at DigitScribe. DigitScribe enforces the most comprehensive quality assurance process in the industry to ensure 98.5% accuracy in transcription.

We assure quality by choosing highly skilled transcriptionists who are best suited for a specific project. For example, medical transcription is done by professional and specialized medical transcriptionists in their field. They have been carefully selected after having been evaluated using our own rigorous battery of tests and interviews.
This approach assures that quality right from the start of the project.

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Each dictation is routed to transcriptionists based on his/her specialty. Our transcriptionists use state-of-the-art transcription equipment and dictionaries to ensure accuracy. Each year our transcriptionists undergo mandated training to update their skills. At the end of the transcription, the document is released to the Editor.

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Our editors review the transcription for accuracy and completeness. Any inaccurate or left out words from transcriptionists are corrected at this time. We maintain an optimal ratio of 3:1 between transcriptionists and editors. In order to maintain our high accuracy level each transcription is cross-verified by an experienced proof reader. Our proof readers have at least 4 years of experience in transcription and quality control.

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Quality Controller (QC)

Quality Controllers are responsible for the overall quality of the transcription. Each Quality Controller has a designated set of transcriptionists and editors assigned to them. They verify each file to ensure quality.

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Production Manager (PM)

The Production Manager has the overall responsibility for the delivery including timeliness and quality. Production Manager acts as the Account Manager, acting as the single-point-of-contact with each client. Once the QC has reviewed a batch of files, the PM is responsible to do a final quality check before releasing the transcripts to the client. The final product does not go to the customer if he/she does not feel satisfied with the level of quality.

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Security & Confidentiality

DigitScribe intends to protect the privacy and provide for the security of protected health information (PHI) and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act –Canada (PIPEDA) also in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, Public Law 104-191 (HIPAA) and regulations promulgated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Because DigitScribe receives PHI from our clients, or creates it on behalf of our clients, we shall maintain the security and confidentiality of all PHI as required by our clients and in compliance with HIPAA, PIPEDA and other applicable laws and regulations

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Our transcriptionists undergo close scrutiny before & during their tenure with DigitScribe. Most importantly, our transcriptionists are motivated with upward mobility and have non-disclosure contracts ensuring safety of data.

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The DigitScribe platform enforces successful login with a unique User ID and password to access their voice files and transcripts. Authentication enables DigitScribe to protect, identify each user and prevent any unauthorized access to the data.

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On successful login, DigitScribe platform displays the previous successful login time along with the IP. This allows the user to notice any break-ins if any. Also on a certain number of unsuccessful retries the system locks out the user and an administrator intervention is required.

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Secure Transmission

DigitScribe uses Industry standard 128-bit encryption to transmit data. Data transfer between the user’s machine to DigitScribe Data Center as well as with DigitScribe Corporate network is encrypted using maximum strength. Encryption ensures eves- droppers cannot decipher the data in transmission.

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Data Storage

DigitScribe stores data at a data center with physical access limitations to data. Sensitive data like passwords are encrypted from even our technical administrators.

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DigitScribe has processes in place to monitor and detect any breach of security. Our security council performs routine audits and recommends against any security holes.

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Experienced Team

DigitScribe has succeeded by building a team of experienced transcriptionist and Quality Analyst. We carefully select the most accomplished and accredited individuals who are top professionals in their respective fields.

With each project, their goal is to provide transcription services that ensure accuracy, correct grammar, and style. All of our senior level transcriptionist have versatile experience working as professional full time transcriptionist. The following are the typical credentials of our transcriptionists:

Specialized in your field

DigitScribe’s transcriptionist has specialty field ranging from legal, media to medicine to IT, software localization and more. We make sure that your project is paired with an appropriately specialized transcriptionist.

Specialized education

Typically, our employees are both officially accredited as transcriptionist and possess BA and /or MA, in their own fields of specialization.


Transcriptionist are recruited only if they have more than 3 years’ experience and are added to our active pool only once their credentials have been carefully reviewed, all of their capabilities have been carefully analyzed and they have been tested by our proofreaders / Quality Analyst. Most of our translators are career professionals dedicated full-time to transcription work, with versatile experience.