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DigitScribe is a renowned medical transcription company providing professional transcription services in Canada and the US. For more than 12 years, we have been the obvious choice for hospitals, physicians, and clinics that are looking for high-quality medical transcription services. A seamless integration between the state-of-the-art technology and highly experienced team of transcriptionists & quality analysts has allowed DigitScribe to maintain quick turnaround time without compromising on the accuracy.

While choosing a medical transcription company, it is imperative to assess the quality of the transcriptionists & quality analysts who will handle your assignments. All our transcriptionists have a minimum of three years’ experience and are given assignments only after they have gone through a rigorous quality assessment. We also provide round-the-clock technical support for ensuring effective communication with our clients at all times. If you are looking for a medical transcription company that could provide quick and quality transcription services, then don’t forget to contact our offices in Canada (Ontario) and the US (Michigan) for detailed information.

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