What to expect from a good Medical Transcriptionist in Michigan

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What to expect from a good Medical Transcriptionist in Michigan

Medical transcription is a process of converting physician’s dictated medical data/report into textual Medical Health/Data Reports (MDR). There is an increasing demand for qualified medical transcriptionists in Michigan and they are very short in supply. Providers of transcription services can be small, one person home-based business or large corporations. There are a number medical transcriptionists present in Michigan and they would offer you their services at very affordable and cheap price but you have to check quality and accuracy of the transcripts they provide. Medical transcripts contain medical data reports and if it is not accurate it could lead to wrong treatment of a patient and that is why accuracy is highly required in making MT. Therefore, while outsourcing your work you should choose a qualified and experienced medical transcriptionist who can assure you of quality transcriptions.

Every time a doctor sees a patient he will dictate details of that patient. These details will typically contain information about patient’s physical examination, diagnosis, lab reports, medical history, diseases and so forth. Medical transcriptionist receives this data either through recording devices or toll-free phone number. Medical transcriptionist hears the details & information and converts it into written report. Therefore an excellent medical transcriptionist is expected to have a highly developed auditory skill; it is quite imperative for a transcriptionist to know what word is exactly being dictated according to the context. The medical transcriptionist should have excellent command over English language; he has to be thoroughly immersed in the various cultures that use English as a native language to be very proficient with it. The transcriptionist should have a deep knowledge of medical terminology used in the medical field and is expected to be up to date with latest technologies and innovations in medical industry. He must have gone under medical transcription training and must be a certified medical transcriber/transcriptionist.

A medical transcriptionist is expected to have a very good typing speed with accuracy in writing. His fingers should match the speed at which his ears can discern the words on dictation. It is important for him to catch everything spoken and type the transcription. A good medical transcriptionist is expected to provide quick turnaround time for transcription without any compromise over quality of the content. He should strictly follow the HIPAA compliance; it will guarantee you security and confidentiality of your data.

Whether you are an individual or group practice, healthcare or hospital in Michigan, selecting a good medical transcriptionist for your work can increase your professional productivity and reduce overall costs.

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