Toll free telephonic dictation makes Medical Transcription easier

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Toll free telephonic dictation makes Medical Transcription easier

Medical transcription is a process of converting physician dictated medical report into text documents. In recent years, demand of medical transcription service has increased rapidly. People now prefer to keep their medical reports managed for future reference and to assess their present medical conditions. Documented reports are very helpful to a physician or health care to understand the criticality of the case. A medical transcript contains all the necessary medical information of the patient like weight, blood group, allergies, diagnosis results etc. It is necessary for the patient to keep his medical data intact as this would help other physician or healthcare in carrying out the treatment. There are various services offered by transcription companies like sleep clinic, consult notes, pain clinic, telephone transcriptions etc.

A physician or a doctor can dictate his report by two methods, either by using handheld digital voice recorders or by using toll free telephonic dictation. Handheld digital voice recorder is an electronic device used to record voice. It has a play/pause, forward/rewind, record/stop buttons. You click on record button and began to record your voice, thereafter the recorded file is sent to the transcription company, where it is processed and converted into text document. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for physicians to carry handheld recorders every time. They find it very unusual to play/pause every time and then send files to the company.

To ease up the things, many transcription companies are now providing toll free telephonic dictation to doctors/physicians. Whenever a physician wants to dictate the details of a patient, he simply dials a toll free telephone number provided by the transcription service provider on his phone. The call is received and the physician can dictate his information and details about the patient. Once the physician is done with dictation, this personal health information is then securely transmitted to one of the transcriptionists in the company. These transcriptionists convert dictated information into medical record. Once the information is converted into medical record, it is then forwarded to editor and quality analysts, who further checks quality and make necessary edits. Once approved, the documents are sent to the client and are available as downloadable file.

Toll-free telephonic dictations are very easy to use and highly cost-effective for physicians. They won’t need to carry handheld recorders all the time. A normal cellphone or telephone can be used to call and dictate your details and information. Using handheld recorders could lead to security breach and leak in confidential data as anyone could use the device and copy files. While telephonic dictations are highly secured and your data is completely confidential. Therefore possibilities of data leaks are almost negligible. Telephonic dictation is certainly becoming first choice of every physician to obtain their medical reports and if you are thinking of taking MT services, you must try it and it won’t disappoint you.

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